Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rhea Is Rhea

I have warned you about the untidy state of unpacking going on around here. I have given you some indication of what to expect from this blog. Now I suppose you may want to know a little about your host.
As I have previously stated, my name is Rhea Jones and, as has also been previously stated, I have been writing for a long time. I have, in fact, been writing in some form or another just about since I could first properly shape letters with a pencil. I have been writing political philosophy and things of that sort online for a little over ten years now. Before that, I was writing in the more traditional form (that would be putting words on paper and mailing them to people, if you are unsure), though I usually did so purely for my own enjoyment. In short, I have been practicing this writing thing for quite some time so I hope that I have come close to getting it right and that you will actually enjoy the results.
I must warn you in advance that, while I have been writing for many years, my typing is only mediocre at best. I try to proofread and catch my typoes, but they will occasionally slip through. I apologise if that is a distraction and I will try very hard to keep it to a minimum.
So what should you know about me in advance? The details will come through over the course of posting, but I assume you might want to know something before you invest that kind of time.
I have told you that I write political philosophy, so it would be natural for you to wonder about my own political leanings. The now traditional expression of that is either liberal or conservative so I must warn you that I am neither. Sorry, I know that doesn't clear up a thing. I suppose you could call me a centrist, but that actually implies more compromise than I truly believe in. I am definitely an independent, having a pretty low opinion of both ruling parties in American politics. I will often speak out more against the policies of liberals but that is simply more because I consider their policies to be more dangerous in modern politics. Most of those policies that I would dislike in conservative movements are those that don't have much traction in the first place. They are fairly safe just because most people dislike them. The exact opposite, unfortunately, is true of liberal policies. Many of their most popular ideas and themes are those I consider to be the most dangerous. Therefore, it is the squeaky wheel adage. Liberals make the most noise (as in, have the most people screaming support for their horrendous ideas) so they get the most of my attention. Please do not allow this to lead you to the false conclusion that I am a conservative.
So what are some positive statements I can make to help you understand my political philosophy? I believe that the natural state of life is freedom and anything that infringes upon that should be viewed with suspicion at best. I believe that the natural rights possessed by all living people cannot be summed up in any declaration of rights but that those rights do not extend to an all-encompassing free for all. I believe that reality is real and that the fastest way to fail is to forget that fact. I believe that life is about action and action involves both choice and responsibility. I believe that common courtesy has become ridiculously uncommon and I believe that that fact has made our lives much more difficult than they need to be. I believe that the common expression of the Golden Rule gets the idea backward: how you treat others defines what you demonstrate to be acceptable therefore defines how you should be treated.
I could do this all day, but that should give you an idea. As I said, the point will become more clear through the course of my writing, but now you have some idea of what to expect.
I am me. That is not the cop out that most people use it as. It is not a statement of excuse for who I am. I do not believe I need an excuse. I am happy with who I am. You do not have to be, but that is up to you. Maybe we will find some common ground or maybe we will simply enjoy debating ideas (which is, itself, a form of common ground). We will have to see how it goes as we travel down this road.

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