Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Is A

The title I have chosen for this blog should give you some small idea of the perspective that will determine most everything I write here. A is A. Reality is real. A thing is itself. This is hardly a new philosophy. It was, in fact, first codified by one of histories greatest philosophers a little over 2000 years ago. As the age of this venerable statement advances, though, it seems that we come closer and closer to forgetting it completely. Far too many people appear to have forgotten it already.
The simplified and classic definition of insanity is to repeat the same action or behavior while expecting different results. This has become the world as we know it. Mass insanity. We, as a whole, routinely expect things to turn out differently than history has proven possible. We expect to get what we want through the sheer act of wish fulfillment, rather than through doing what is necessary to achieve the desired result. We expect A to be not-A and then we complain that life is not fair when A insists on being A.
This blog is a statement to the fact that reality is real. As a corollary to that, reality does not care what you or I think about it. It is incapable of doing so. Reality is a great engine chugging along, doing only what it is capable of doing and not doing what it is incapable of doing. What we do within this reality and how we respond to this reality is the complete definition of who we are and how happy we are with who we are. If your happiness is dependant upon rain falling up, you are going to be one seriously depressed individual.
While this makes for a great philosophical statement, most of us do not have time for abstract theory. What we need are practical demonstrations. Well, if you are like most people and need those practical demonstrations, you are in luck. The modern press is overflowing with them. The greatest challenge is narrowing down the list to a manageable number.
Which brings us (Do I hear you saying "finally"?) to the actual point of this blog. News of the Absurd, Political News, and what we can only call Celebrity Mayhem will be the most common themes of this blog. Because I have a variety of interests, we will occasionally slide into other topics just for the fun or amusement of them, but you can expect those three subjects to dominate. I have found, over time, that those three subjects are where A Is A most needs to be demonstrated. If that sounds potentially interesting to you, I hope you will come along for the ride. Story time will begin soon. I hope to see you there.

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