Thursday, October 1, 2009

Talking Points And Debate

One of the most repeated accusations from the Left against the Right today claims that the Right has no ideas, only talking points. If you'd like, I can show you a list of at least half-a-dozen Republican-sponsored healthcare bills that the Left is making certain you don't see as argument against this accusation, but that isn't the point of this post. I want to talk about talking points and hypocrisy. Is the Left really innocent of the talking points over debate idea? Stroll through any comments section on this debate (and do so honestly) and you'll certainly have to wonder this yourself.
The two statements you will see most often are the already mentioned "no ideas, just talking points" claim that is patently false and ignores an avalanche of evidence against it and the point of this post: "Without a strong public option, there is no healthcare reform."
Seriously? If that isn't an empty talking point then we really need to discuss redefining that phrase.
Not one country that uses the type of healthcare system we are supposedly moving toward uses a public option, whether strong, weak, or otherwise. None of them! Obviously the "a public option is mandatory" idea isn't quite so universal in those countries actually using these ideas. Where did we come up with the idea that it is a must-have deal breaker?
I would seriously like an answer to a few questions on this subject:
1. Why is a public option necessary to healthcare reform if no one else is using it?
2. How is a public option going to affect the cost controls that are its supposed bright light? Keep in mind that official estimates only put enrollment at around 8 million people. Really? In a country of over 300 million people, a program with a whopping 8 million people in it is going to affect overall pricing how, exactly?
3. Assuming that a public option actually can have a positive impact on healthcare pricing, what makes it unique? Why is a public option the only idea that can accomplish this?
Seriously, if you're right then these are easy questions to answer. If you can't answer them then all you are doing is spouting talking points and really need to shut up about other people doing the same.
I am sick and tired of the blatant, over the top hypocrisy from the Left on this debate. Pelosi tells people that their rhetoric is risking violence after she called people Nazis. Grayson makes an ass of himself on the Senate floor almost immediately after the Democrats virtually crucify a Republican for doing the same thing (and by the way, folks, Wilson did apologize almost immediately and his fellow Republicans called him out for his behavior). Obama chides people for scaremongering while maintaining that we can't fix a recession (that had nothing to do with healthcare) without fixing healthcare. And of course, the Left screeching about talking points when all they are doing is screaming talking points.
Talk about children running the orphanage!

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