Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Honor Communist Revolutions Now?

The people who make such decisions have announced that they plan to light up New York's Empire State Building in red and yellow this evening to honor the 60th anniversary of China's communist revolution. The building is normally lit in white but other colors are frequently used to celebrate holidays and various special occasions.
Say what?
Let me be absolutely clear. I am far from xenophobic and wouldn't utter a single complaint if this were being done to honor some visiting Chinese dignitary. Like their policies or not (and I loath them), China is an important trade partner who owns a staggering amount of our public debt and we do owe them some courtesy for this. However, that is not the case here. This lighting display is being done specifically to honor their communist revolution. That is an entirely different matter!
According to the building's managers, this display is to honor "the 60th anniversary of their country", but that is utter nonsense. China's current form of government has existed for 60 years but the country itself, as it is known, has existed for centuries at the very least. China did not spring into existence or become a new entity separate from it's past because of the revolution any more than Russia did those things when their own revolution transformed the Russian Empire into the Soviet Union. Russia, within that union, was still Russia and their nation was certainly not born at that time. Would you like a better example? How about Great Britain? Anyone care to claim that the anniversary of that country goes back only to the Magna Charta? Or maybe only as far back as Queen Victoria when the modern shift to a Constitutional Monarchy (where the royal family is little more than ceremonial) was fully implemented? Go ahead and try. I dare you.
Making such a claim is insulting to the intelligence of anyone and everyone who might be listening and only serves to prop up the totalitarian regime in China, which thrives on such fictions. Had the Empire State Building's managers decided to celebrate the specific acts of totalitarian brutality of any other despotic country in the world, they would have been out on the sidewalk before they could finish making their excuses.
That a communist revolution is being celebrated in America at all is a nightmare indicative of the insane times in which we now live. That it is being celebrated in one of the most important capitalist cities in the world and in a building that symbolizes that capitalism to most people is a crime beyond words.

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