Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"You Must Have A Better Plan" Syndrome

I said a couple weeks ago that I was going to return to that nasty notion going around which claims that you cannot say no to a plan unless you have a better plan of your own. I said I was going to come back to it, but I forgot, so now we are going to remedy that oversight. This shouldn't take long because the reality is something that most five-year-olds can recognize.
I know almost nothing about automotive engines. I can change the oil, change the tires - in a pinch - change the spark plugs ... You get the idea. If it's basic tune-up-type stuff I can probably handle it, but if my car needs something more than that, I call a mechanic. However, if my neighbor came to me and said he was going to design the next best eco-car by using gerbils on a treadmill, the fact that I couldn't do better would not prevent me from telling him that his idea was stupid.
That's an extreme example, I know, but it should make the point. Being able to formulate a plan and being able to determine the validity of a plan are not necessarily the same skill. Yes, being able to formulate a plan makes it easier to determine the validity of a plan, but it is not mandatory.
The same rules applies to our current economic mess. According to the Left, the Right is doing something inherently wrong by saying no to certain spending plans without having a better plan of their own. Because it takes more knowledge and skill to spot the stupidity of a budget than to write a comprehensive budget, right? Of course not! You cannot convince me that anyone seriously believes that. The situation here is not that anyone actually believes you cannot say no without having another option. The situation is, instead, one of distraction. If the Left harps on the "they don't have a better plan" idea then they don't have to actually consider the complaints or acknowledge the flaws in their own plan. Unfortunately, it is you and I who get to pay for that head-in-the-sand mentality.
When you are spending trillions of dollars of someone else's money and someone comes along and tells you that you're doing it wrong, I don't care if they have a better plan or not. You slow down long enough to examine their complaints and try to see if maybe they have a point. Trillions of dollars! Not your money! Stewardship and responsibility! Which one of these ideas says run full speed ahead and ignore anyone who claims there's a cliff in front of you?
Those of you on the Left who are catching this sickness from your party's leaders, shut up. It's your life and well-being on the line too. Please tell me that you are not so ideologically obsessed that you cannot see that. Since when was stopping to examine the facts a bad thing?

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