Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Priorities Gone to The Dogs

Try this on for size. This is an actual headline I saw yesterday. "Animal rescuers disappointed over 'first dog' choice". My first thought when I read the headline was, "Who cares?" After reading the article, the only change to my first thought was adding expletives that I will not reprint here. These people actually think it is a newsworthy matter that the Obamas went to a breeder for their dog rather than getting one from a rescue shelter.
This is a major problem with the modern issues movements. Some nutjobs have their one hotbutton issue that is usually irrelevant to the world at large and are genuinely confused and offended when no one else cares. Turn on the news some time. Maybe you'll see that there are more important concerns in the world than where someone acquired a dog. Seriously, what has happened to the human race and any sense of priorities?
I have a laundry list of reasons I am not a fan of Barack Obama. His choice in dogs has so low a priority, it can't even see the list. We have a deepening recession, out-of-control spending, ongoing terrorism concerns, pirates on the seven seas, a couple of wars, and various international and domestic crises that all require delicate attention. How does a choice of dog even rate on this scale?
Personally, I was baffled as to why the whole world was watching the White House for their dog selection in the first place. Okay, it's a cutesy human interest story that people don't have to cringe or worry about. I can see that. So why turn it into a cringe or worry fest? It doesn't make sense.
If you actually feel the need to make international news (this story was on the UK edition of Reuters), can you at least try to have something worth saying to the world?


  1. I'm not so sure it's irrelevant. There are a few "sayings" that refer to a man and his dog.
    Then again, after seeing the dog maybe we shouldn't go there.

  2. I've been very saddened--but not all that surprised--by how lethargic the media have been toward President Obama. (I voted for John McCain not because I'm a huge McCain guy, but because I saw a lot of things about Sarah Palin that I liked). The Obamas' choice in a dog shows just how much fluff there is out and there and not enough substantial reporting. I, for one, am still trying to understand why Mr. Obama has never been pressured by any journalists or columnists about his lack of experience the way Palin (understandably) was.