Thursday, July 30, 2009

They Are Not Freedom Fighters

"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"
I get so sick of seeing this argument, especially since it almost always comes from people who will do anything in their measly power to demonize America while also doing everything in their measly power to apologize for and excuse terrorists. Taken from one of the comments sections that we all know I love to dig through, here is the quote that has set me off today:
"lets say the US was invaded by a far superior force, and somehow in the ensuing resistance effort that you would surely be part of, your wife and young children ended up being killed in some horrific fashion."
Let's take a little history lesson, for those who are somewhat reality-impaired.
First of all, the vast majority of terrorist organizations have nothing to do with anyone who has ever been invaded by a superior force. I realize that you people are obsessed with Iraq, but there is more to the Middle East and everything going on there than that one country. Most terrorist organizations are about fundamentalist Islamic movements that have either toppled or are actively trying to topple their own legitimate government. The only invading that has been done in these cases has been done by their own co-religionists.
Yes, there are, in some cases, legitimate complaints and yes, some of these terrorist movements have been the result of legitimate complaints or even, in far less cases, of some invasion. The pre-existing legitimacy, however, does not excuse the resulting behavior. A man who goes around indiscriminately murdering high school teachers because he was abused by one and no one would listen to his complaints is still wrong in his murders no matter how legitimate his original complaint may have been.
For another thing, we in America already have a perfect historical example of a people who were invaded by a superior force and did not resort to terrorism. And guess what: we won! (If you can't figure out what I'm talking about then you really need to take a remedial history class.)
There is a very easy to define and distinct difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter: Freedom fighters do not intentionally target civilians and children! Yes, there is collateral damage in any war and yes, there is sometimes even more collateral damage than can in any way be excused, but civilians and children are not collateral damage to terrorists. They are the intended targets! Are you apologizers so intent on seeing everything wrong with America that you cannot see this one unarguable fact?
What is truly pathetic is that even the terrorists know this. How many times has Hamas accused Israel of targeting schools and hospitals? And you apologizers eat it up because you know that this is the difference between terrorism and a legitimate fight, but you refuse to apply that standard to anyone other than America and her allies.
They are not freedom fighters, they are not legitimate, and there is no excuse for their reprehensible behavior. So long as they are intentionally murdering civilians and children in order to scare people into accepting their religious authority (which is their stated goal), they are evil. Plain and simple. They may have had a legitimate complaint at one time, but it has become so buried by their own crimes that it no longer matters. They have become the monsters they claim to fight against.

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