Saturday, February 21, 2009

Historical Stupidity

I don't usually make two posts in one day but the more reactions I read concerning this current economic crisis and the so-called stimulus bill, the more disgusted I get and I felt like I just had to say something. Phrases along the lines of "worst disaster in American history" and "can't get any worse" keep popping up everywhere I look and all I can say to this is you can't ask for any more evidence of the stupidity of the average American voter.
This crisis does not hold a candle to October 29, 1929. It is not nearly as threatening as December 7, 1941. It will not have half the impact on this country as April 12, 1861. If you are among the people making these statements and do not know what these dates mean then you are proving my point on making historical statements while knowing nothing about history. I'm not even going to tell you what they are. Look them up, you lazy whiners!
We are in a recession. That is true. For many people this is an extremely bad time and there is no falsehood in this statement either. However, the fact that you lost your job (or might or know someone who did) does not make this a global catastrophe of record-making proportions. There is no argument that these are bad times and we need to do things to make them better, but we cannot make them better by claiming that they are worse than they are.
No, doing something is not automatically better than doing nothing. Doing something that exaserbates or lengthens the crisis is decidedly worse than doing nothing. No, it is not helping just because politicians claim they are trying to help. Most politicians can't be trusted to help you tie your shoes. No, the New Deal did not do a thing to end or even shorten the Great Depression and attempting to copy it will not do a thing to end or even shorten this recession. Entering World War II dragged us out of the Great Depression, which should make you pause and think about which group of people are arguing for this New Deal redux.
The current stimulus bill should have been rejected, not because we don't need a stimulus bill of some sort, but because this was not a stimulus bill. It was an excuse to go on a spending orgy for liberal pet projects. Look it up and try to wrangle your way through the numbers. Those portions of the bill that most anyone could agree are for the purpose of creating jobs or stimulating the economy are the smallest part of the bill. The majority of the bill is pure pork, projects that even liberals will not try to claim are actually for economic stimulation except in the most round about way that anything that "improves the country" (strictly in their opinion, of course) must also improve the economy.
The Republicans did not cause this crisis (another historically blind claim from the far left). In truth, neither did the Democrats. They both had a hand in it (and not a small hand, either) but the true culprits are you and me. If you want to know who is to blame for this mess, just look in the mirror. Every time we the people let those clowns in DC get away with their games as usual; every time we took a loan we knew we couldn't afford; every time we listened to the common wisdom instead of checking the facts; every time we voted for more bread and circuses. These are the causes of this crisis.
We are not at our worst point in history, but we can get their and it will not be politicians who put us there. It will be you and me. It will be the American people continuing to do what we have gotten so good at doing: holding out our hands and demanding more more more while paying nothing in return, or giving everything we have while demanding nothing in payment. Unless the American public finally wakes up and realizes that there is such a thing as cause and effect, that actions have consequences, and that nothing is free, we might be watching our "worst point in history" through the rearview mirror before we realize it.

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