Friday, December 12, 2008

A Note On Certain Posts

The primary purpose of A Is A is to discuss certain events in the news - whether they be political, absurd, or entertaining - and especially when those events contradict the basic premise of this blog, that reality is real. There are times, however, when I must make points more clear by expanding on certain core philosophies of my own. If philosophical discussion for its own sake does not interest you then you should probably skip those posts. They will usually be fairly evident from the beginning. I promise that I will not turn this blog into nothing but a preaching soapbox but I hope that these philosophical digressions will be interesting enough in their own right that you will follow along with them as well.
There will be times when I think something is obvious while others disagree. I will be the first to admit that I make mistakes and this is probably one of my most common. You can believe that Heather will point out to me when she feels that I have made this mistake and I would like you to feel free to do so as well. I am always open to comments and questions and will always try to honestly answer any honestly asked question. Fair warning, though: I do not subscribe to the notion that there are no foolish questions. Dishonest questions, questions that have been plainly answered, and questions asked purely for the sake of arguing are prime examples of foolish questions. So long as we keep this in mind, I am always open to discussion.

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